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Welcome to the homepage for the GA4GH Discovery Work Stream. We build standards for federated, secured networks of data and services, forming an “Internet of Genomics”, and asking meaningful questions across it.

The Discovery Work Stream is lead by Harindra Arachchi and Marc Fiume. For details on how this Work Stream operates please read the Discovery Work Stream Organizational Structure & Vision document.

This group meets at a high-level monthly. Meeting minutes are available to view here. In addition, the sub-groups listed below meet on their own schedules. Participation in these groups require participants to adhere to the GA4GH Standards for Professional Conduct.

For more information on GA4GH, please visit the GA4GH Website.

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Product development in GA4GH follows a process outlined in a GA4GH Product Approval Process Guide, in draft. Products developed by the work stream undergo an initial investigation phase, followed by a formal Proposed Product Phase, in which most of the work is done, followed by an formal Approval Phase during which the products gain GA4GH Approval. The formal steps require the approval of the Work Stream leads.

The following products are currently under development for this Work Stream.

Discovery Search API

A standard for a global federated data sharing network that allows the querying, and subsequent -optional- processing of the results on a cloud environment. The in-development specification for this is visible here.

Planned implementations will be listed here.

The Discovery Search Group meets every 2-3 weeks. Meeting minutes are available to view here.

Discovery Networks API

This specification is in development.

The Discovery Network Group meets every 4 weeks. Meeting minutes are available to view here.

Beacon API

A Beacon is a web-accessible service that can be queried for information about a specific allele. A user of a Beacon can pose queries of the form Have you observed this nucleotide (e.g. C) at this genomic location (e.g. position 32,936,732 on chromosome 13)? to which the Beacon must respond with either yes or no.

The Beacon API specification is available to view in the Beacon specification repository, where links to further resources are available.

The Beacon Strategic Group meets every 2 weeks. Meeting minutes are available to view here.