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Michael Baudis

Professor of Bioinformatics
University of Zurich
Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
Co-chair GA4GH Discovery
Co-chair ELIXIR Beacon

2018-12-12: more ...

Marc Fiume

Co-chair GA4GH Discovery
Assistant Professor, OICR
CEO, DNAstack

2018-12-15: more ...


Release of Beacon v0.3

Beacon v0.3.0 Release

mbaudis, 2016-05-31: more ...


Release of Beacon v0.4

Beacon v0.4.0 has been released using the OpenAPI specification.

mbaudis, 2018-01-24: more ...

Global network of Beacons lighting up the world of genomic data

The Beacon Project has released new Beacon API v0.4 specifications to provide greater search functions and richer search results.

mbaudis, 2018-03-16: more ...

GA4GH Beacon v1.0

The official Beacon API v1.0.0 has been approved through the GA4GH Product Approval Process.

mbaudis, 2018-10-02: more ...

GA4GH and ELIXIR Release Beacon API v1 with increased security measures

ELIXIR and the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) have announced the release of the first genomic data interoperability standard from the GA4GH 2018 Strategic Roadmap.

mbaudis, 2018-10-18: more ...

OICR News - The buzz about Beacon

This article by the OICR public relations team highlights the role of the Beacon project in the GA4GH landscape, with emphasis on the role of Marc Fiume - now an adjunct professor at OICR - as one of the developers of the original protocol.

mbaudis, 2018-11-22: more ...